Angelica Seed Oil

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The oil is distilled by steam from the seeds (fruits) of the same plant which yields angelica roots. The seeds are produced in the third year of growth. The plant is cultivated in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Hungary, and Northern India. The oil is a water-white or very pale yellow, mobile oil of strong, fresh, light and peppery odour. The topnote is distinctly terpene-like, at time almost harsh in its roughness, but also quite characteristic and there is less woodiness, less earthiness in the seed oil than in the root oil. The flavour is somewhat pungent, terpene-like, but quite powerful. Angelica Seed Oil was initially used in chypres, fougeres and similar complex fragrances. It has also been used in Continental types of toothpaste flavours. The main constituent is a monoterpene Phellandrene which is prone to polymerise or resinify when the oil is improperly stored. Cool, dark, and dry storage in well-filled small containers of glass is recommended

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