About Us

About us

We are a professional, long established but innovative direct manufacturer, controlling the whole process from sewing seed development till the final steps of distillation.


Food Safety

HACCP/BRC Food Safety Standard aim is to establish good manufacturing practices which provide assurance to customers that the company produce safe and legal products that meet the quality levels expected by customers.

Feed Safety

Implementation of HACCP/GMP+ aims to establish a management system to ensure the safety and quality of the feed products and feed services, as covered under the scope of this standard.


The term Kosher refers to dietary rules followed by religiously observant Jews and Muslims. The aim of certification is to give Kohser consumers confidence that the products they consume comply with the complex rules governing what is permissible for them to eat.


1948 - The new communist goverment nationalize the former factory of Schimmel and Co, and rename it KHV. Large scale cultivation of aromatic herbs commences .

1971 - Szilasmenti Cooperative takes over the national network of essential oil distilleries from KHV. This contains 9 production sites all around the country, growing area is ~ 2.000 ha. Major crops: lavender, peppermint and dill. The collection of oils produced, and blending is done at the largest distillery at the headquarters in Kerepes.

1980 - Dr Svab and her coworkers start the selection work on Matricaria Chamomillae. During the following decades Hungarian Blue Chamomile Oil is getting international recognition due to it's high Chamazulene and Bisabolol content. Major buyer of the oil is Germany, so this oil is also became known as German Chamomile Oil.

1991 - Csaba Fodor, a chemical engineer (majored in distillation technics) establishes Silvestris Ltd in Pécs, South Hungary. The company is specialising in rectification of essential oils produced at Szilasmenti factories.

1993 - Szilasmenti Cooperative is privatised under the national reprivatisation program. Silvestris acquires the essential oil producing factories. Name changes to Silvestris & Szilas Ltd.

1995 - Distillery in Kerepes has been fully modernised, changing all equipments to stainless steel.

2002 - Angelica Farm Ltd is established to secure the safe raw material supply for the key essential oils. Partial owner and MD of the company is Robert Nagy, cousin of Csaba Fodor.

2013 - Extracted herbs and spices are pelletised and dried on site. As one step of a green program, pellet stoves replace the gas furnaces, which provided heating previously to the buildings.

2014 - New biomass boiler is put into production to reduce the energy cost and CO2 emission.

2016 - Csaba Fodor (owner & CEO), Annamária Bartók (MD) and Ottó Kovács Mayor of Szarvasgede setting the foundation stone for the new Silvestris distillery at Szarvasgede, Hungary.