Angelica Root Oil

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The oil is distilled from the dried roots of Angelica Archangelica, a tall plant which is cultivated in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Hungary, and Northern India. Angelica Root Oil is a water-white or pale yellow to orange-brown coloured liquid. Its colour and viscosity varies according to the root material used for distillation and according to the age of the oil. The oil has light, somewhat peppery topnote. Beneath the peppery topnote grows a rich, somewhat herbaceous-earthy, woody-bodynote of unique tenacitiy and great diffuse power. The note is also musky-animal-like with a spicy undernote. Various lactones, occurring in trace amounts in the oil, are held responsible for these special effects of the oil and for the synergistic effect it imparts to other perfume materials in composition. Angelica Root Oil is very highly esteemed in perfumer and flavour work. In flavours, the oil finds wide application in liqueurs, particularly those of the Cointreau” type.


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