Anise Oil

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True Anise Oil is steam distilled from the dried and crushed fruits (seeds) of the annual herb, Pimpinella anisum. The herb originated in the Near East, and is now cultivated in many countries, also in Hungary. Only a few of these countries produce Anise Oil. Anise Oil is a water-white or very pale yellow liquid of intensely sweet and clean odour, truly reminiscent of crushed fruit. A very common description is that of “licorice odour”. Anise Oil and its derivatives are used as flavouring ingredients in licorice candy. The flavour of Anise Oil is also sweet, soft and mild, although, at the same time, it is quite rich and powerful in effect. It is used mainly in flavours. It is an important ingredient in the flavouring of licorice candy, cough-drops, baked goods, pharmaceutical preparations, liqueurs, brandies (“raki” in Turkey, “anisette” in France and overseas French territories), spice blends, canned foods, pickles, etc. It is also used in certain types of tobacco flavour, e.g. pipe tobaccos. In perfumes, the oil finds some use as a masking agent for obnoxious odours such as hydrogen sulfide, e.g. in cold-wave preparations and depilatories. It is also useful for masking the odour of Cod Liver Oil and other rancid odours, particularly in combination with sweet Orange Oil and Coumarin.

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