Dill Weed Oil

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A 40–60 cm high a nnual herb in the celery family. The leaves are widely used as a spice for fish dishes, soups and pickles. If you have the chance to come to Hungary don’t miss to try Kapros-Túrós Rétes, which is a strudel filled with dill and sweetened cottage cheese.
This oil traditionally is one of the biggest volume oil for Silvestris. The whole herb contains essential oil, which can be extracted at any stages, resulting in very different qualities. The oil made from the very young herb has a fresh, greeinsh flowery note. The yield is much lower, this specific quality is used for flavours, pickles (low Carvone type). The mostly used quality is made from the herb right before it goes to seed. The season for this quality is June.
The crop was good, both the quantity and quality is at least as good as we had planned. We just finished the production, good time for booking your future demand.

Available in certified organic and in conventional.


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