Lavandin Oil

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Lavandin is a hybrid plant, developed by crossing the true lavender plant (Lavandula Officinalis) with the aspic or spike lavender. The resulting plant is called lavandula Hybrida and it exists in a great number of forms, a few of which are distinctly more interesting than the others. Lavandin Oil is a pale yellow to almost colorless liquid. The odor is strongly herbaceous with a very fresh camphene cineole like topnote which should not be distinctly camphoraceous. The rich, woody herbaceous notes of the body components will usually become predominant within the first 60 seconds on a perfume blotter. Lavandin Oil is used for its fresh, refreshing notes and is often used in very high concentration in the perfume formula. For detergent perfumes, liquid cleaners and dishwasher liquids, this oil gives excellent results and does not need strong fixation. In soap perfumes, a good fixation of the lavandin oil is necessary, as in hair preparations.

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