Origanum Oil

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What makes the Hungarian oregano oil so special?

There are many kinds of Oregano, and quite a few varieties are used for extraction of essential oils.

Our variety (origanum vulgare hirtum) was chosen around 15 years ago and since then constantly refined and developed for a greater yield, ideal ratio of components for a high quality oil.

It’s a grey­green perennial, the whole plant is aromatic and hairy. It grows to a height of 50 ­-80 cm. Blooms from June to September. The harvest takes place once, twice or in rare occassions three times per year.

The flavor is strong, hotly aromatic, penetrating and slightly bitter, smoky. This is the strongest flavored ‘oregano’.

One of its’ biggest advantages is that it’s frost tolerant, even in ­-20 Celsius degrees during wintertime. Therefore an Oregano field can stay at the same place as it is for a long time, 5­-10 years, before crop rotation.

Silvestris has always paid extra attention to the quality of the herb. We always prefer cultivations closest to nature.

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